4 reasons to speak to Fixed Income Investing

  • Fixed income returns

    Take advantage of short term fixed returns providing stability to your portfolio while paying a regular income.

  • Protect your investments

    Add stability to your portfolio with high-quality fixed income investments, like Treasuries, CDs, or other highly rated bonds.

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Help smooth out the highs and lows in a stock portfolio with fixed income securities.

  • Create tax benefits

    Some fixed income securities, like municipal bonds, generally have preferential tax treatment where coupon paymnets may be exempt from federal and state income taxes.
    * you may need to seek independent tax advice.

Talk to a Fixed Income Specialist Today.

Our partners offer objective, on a wide range of fixed income products this option can be tailored to suit your needs and you could be generating a fixed income right now. Are you disappointed with the returns your investments are making? Act now and start benefiting from Fixed Income returns now!

  • Help with choosing from a wide variety of investment options.
  • Decide if you want fixed income or profit share trading programmes.
  • Your dedicated account manager is on call for you.
  • Security is held by the way of an Escrow account, meaning your funds are not used, the most secure way of investing, enquire now to find out how you can get your funds working better.
  • Income can be paid in Tax Efficient ways.
  Fixed Income Options Standard stocks and shares
Guaranteed returns
Fixed maturity date
Personal Investment Manager In some cases but comes with a fee
Stable investments that do not go down in value
Interest paid as a monthly income You would have to sell shares
Fee Free Service
Tax Free Income *
* Depending on Status

High Yield Fixed Rate Investment Opportunities

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